Thursday, October 20, 2016

Woolies just checking to see if their mailing list is alive

250 points (whatever that is) just for Woolies to see if I'm still getting their emails. Sounds fine to me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Yes, life really is a game

I love the way that skydiving reminds me of the way that life is a game. Over 13 years ago when I was learning to fly camera on Tandems, on of my mentors told me that it's dangerous to get to close to a tandem around the time they deploy. But it is the way you get the best shot. "And it's all a game anyway".

And then, with the same guy ten years later we were joking about how sometimes a student will punch you in the face when they deploy their own parachute. A week later I watched exactly that happen to him.


It's all just a game. And it makes the game I play in my non skydiving life seem so darn boring that it's hard to imagine why some people take it so seriously.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Does my preference for low noise shopping make me racist?

I have come to think that it may be a sign of my life that I like low nose environments. I make a buck by interacting and communicating ( essentially matching wits) with some very intelligent highly educated people. It's a great way to earn a buck.

But in my down time I really prefer low noise environments. Some clever retailers are coming to think of that.

Skip to yesterday afternoon in my local supermarket. It was reasonably busy but what made it worse was a gentleman who had his phone in his hand on hands-free having a particularily loud conversation. I could hear both sides of the conversation very clearly and no matter where I was in the supermarket the guy seemed to follow me. It was driving me crazy.

I kept my thoughts to myself and continue to try to avoid him.

The man also happened to be East Indian.

And there is one of my other problems. At times I will be irritated by certain behaviours. Sometimes those behaviours come from people who are ethically different to me. But I dare not make mention of my irritation because many people rush to the lowest common denominator and shout:

"You're a racist!"

The poor simple fools.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Low noise shopping: Like the slow food movement

I'm pretty unsociable in a morning, especially when I have six hours ahead of me with MBA students in a classroom. Coles have a set of self serve aisles but they shut them in the morning. I don't think they realise that the servicescape is more than simply efficiency.

Servicescape as is made up of design factors Ambien factors and social factors. There is a nascent movement to low noise shopping experiences which I fully appreciate. Originally designed for people with special needs such as autistic people I am quite warm to the idea as well.

When I'm thinking about how to match wits with 23 highly intelligent well educated people I don't wish to be making small talk about my V8 vegetable juice.

Like the slow food movement bring on the low noise shopping movement!

Friday, October 14, 2016

I am reminded: How life is a game

I am reminded that life is a game and that the only way to lose is to give up. So as the pieces move around a chessboard one will have their wins and their losses. If one throws the board over shedding the pieces asunder then the game is lost.

I suppose that's what annoys my adversaries so much. I just keep hanging on. They don't know how I survive but I do.

There are a few tricks left in the old guy still.

I am reminded: About the constraints of honour

I am reminded that good people can only be as honourable as the system they work within allows them to be.

I am no different but these days I feel as if I can be truer to myself.

But it costs me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

AFL coaches remind us to love the ones you lead

Love the ones you lead.

I first wrote this about six years ago while I was watching managers who certainly didn't feel this way about their underlings. And this just moment after the Grand Final reminds me how important it is.

I have managers that I would run into flames for. In AFL I see it too. This coach has over 40 one-on-one relationships in this team. The intellectual and emotional energy this takes is breathtaking. But it's what one must have to run a successful team. I've been a part of a 119 person team that worked the same way.

And a note about certain types of people. Some of us - often men - aren't comfortable to expose this "feeling side", this love, without some extra help. That help often comes as physical exhaustion, bloody minded goal directedness, andrelanine, unconditional trust, getting drunk together.

Please don't judge us too harshly.