Sunday, September 24, 2017


So people in marketing think that a brand is a huge thing. It sort of is.

But sometimes it is just as simple as an establishment number on a piece of meat.

I don't know what 2261 is but it could be found here

Friday, September 22, 2017

A friend talking from the dead

Somebody is managing Stacey's account and must've clicke the "Join Messenger" button, giving me a notification. Stacey died quite some time ago. She was my sister's best friend. And this reminds me that she was very much my friend, too..

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kerry Packer and loyalty

Sometimes certain thoughts come back to me. This: "I believe you offer loyalty to everyone, which is not as big a strain as it sounds, because very few people pick it up."

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Legacies of Mum

Perhaps this is what grief is.

The tangible things that link you to the one you've lost just tend to become fewer and fewer.

Clearly my mum was a tight arse like I am. And she clearly liked sweet things like I do. So her McDonald's spoons from the sundaes she must have eaten were just bound up with a rubber band.

I tucked them away somewhere when I cleared her house.

A while back Sylvia asked me if I have any spoons of any sort that I can just put in the kitchen drawer for kids to take  to school with yoghurt.

Soon those spoons will all be used up and that is how things go. One more tangible memory of Mum is gone and life goes on.

I love her and I miss her, but if she was still around I'm sure I would still be an asshole to her. But I am so glad for the people in my life who love her too.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life is not a box of chocolates

It was early in my relationship with my wife that I came to learn the number of Tim Tam chocolate biscuits there are in a pack. Eleven. Cynically I believe that prime number was chosen so that there is no chance of being able to share the pack evenly amongst any number of people.

And the sharing of a pack was what brought me to understand how my wife and myself were different at a fundamental level. Sylvia believed it was "5 for me and 5 for you and one to share".

I had growin up in a situation of "the person who eats the fastest gets the most".

And that probably outlines my approach to life right now. Life is not a box of chocolates - it's a pack of Tim Tams, and the more I can take right now the more I will get. The future will take care of itself.

The weather is good and I'm headed out to Langhorne Creek to do some more skydives. There are about a dozen people who believe I should be doing something else - something that more directly benefits them.

But I'm here to eat my pack of Tim Tams, not so much to provide chocolate biscuits for everybody who demands them of me.

But my greatest pleasure is doing things for other people where I feel like I had a choice in the matter. Sharing my pack of Tim Tams.

Life sure is a pack of Tim Tams.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The significance - to me - of Veuve Clicquot

I grow more and more like my mum, particularly in the way I tell the same story over and over and forget that I've told it. So my sister probably had heard this story before she gave me a bottle of 2008 vintage Veuve.

I once bought a bottle of the lovely French champagne and promised myself that as soon as I learnt of the death of a certain past associate, then I'll pop the cork immediately wherever I was.

There was no reason to believe this past associate was going to die anytime soon - I just relished the idea.

The significance of this is that it helped me recognise that hate imprisons a person. It's like swallowing poison and hoping that the other person dies from it.

So the significance is the freedom that I received a few years later when I casually popped the cork with some students in a celebration of their study.

That horrid nemisis is as alive and as well as ever although - I expect - living their own hell on the inside. However I too am alive and well, as well as being free.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Little India Back to Where it All Began

Singapore traveling for work is about to come to an end. It has been great and I wish I could go for longer. But nothing lasts forever

And tonight I missed my flight. So after two and a half hours of dithering around the airport I am back in a taxi on the way into Singapore Central at 1.30am. Now I really miss my family.

And because I am paying for my own accommodation I will be at the Hotel 81. Just as it was when I was trying to make a dollar stretch when I was working on a Singapore wine retail project.

Another arc that brings me home again. I think I only have one more trip to Singapore left. And that saddens me a little.