Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nippy's: Good on them

As a kid growing up in Northern suburbs Adelaide in the 1970s/80s I developed an early love for Nippy's product. A 99% orange juice and that great lemon juice in the Para Hills High School canteen and DSTO tradeschool spots - really good.

So I've watched the company negotiate the ravages of the last 40 years - general downturn in riverland citrus, drought, flood, a food safety scare, recent high Aussie dollar.

I'm delighted to see Nippy's have won a big contract for Woolies. When I saw Jeff Knispel on tv last night I was reminded of a lovely guy that owned a business called "Kangarra" - an honest, hardworking Renmark guy.

So this contract means that there'll be more Riverland citrus getting onto Australian supermarket shelves, and under an Australian owned label.

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