Thursday, November 10, 2011

Authenticity: What if Jesus called to say he was visiting your house tomorrow?

As a kid I remember a TV segment from a Christian group asking "what if Jesus called to say he was visiting? Would you be afraid? Would you rush about tidying up superficially or would you simply say "he knows me, I'll look forward to seeing him."

I often think of that spot, when anxieties arise around having people over, or into my office, or of people finding out my deepest fears and secrets.

So the ideal, for me, is to live true on the outside as on the inside. Do I manage t get near that ideal? In some measure, I suppose.

It can be inconvenient, though, when there's no place for a visitor to sit, and I feel a twinge of embarrassment when we talk to each other over a desk that's piled a foot deep in papers. Or when visitors to my house have to battle the clutter.

But holding one self out to the world and being a totally different person inside? I try to avoid that if I can, I hope.

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