Thursday, November 10, 2011

Interrupt their content stream - way more effective than repeating your message

Well, Ervin has his honours grade now. It's a first class from the Uni of Adelaide. We can talk a little about his project and what he found.

Media buyers are forced with a choice of where to spend their money. The obvious one is reach vs frequency. With a campaign shall I get 80% of people to see my ad once, or 20% of people to see it four times?

In an echo of that question, what about paying to inject your ad into the viewing stream? Sort of like loud, obvious product placement. Like when Shannon in the biggest loser a few years ago said to his charges:

"right, hold the phone. The big thing about losing weight is being able to actually taken less calories while you still feel like you're eating. One of the things you can do is chew this juicy fruit gum"

Crass, maybe. But a very deliberate interruption. We got to thinking that a combination of interruption - like that - and repetition could be thought of as "obtrusiveness" so we set up a little experiment. Some of you might have helped us by responding.

I won't tell you about method too much yet, but Ervin did four treatments in a 2x2 structure of low/high repetition/interruption.

Key finding - spend your money interrupting the stream of content, as Shannon did on the Biggest Loser. One interruption is twice as effective (in terms of ad recall) as four exposures to "advertising wallpaper". And in case you're worried about viewers feeling intruded upon - when it comes to ad effectiveness it's not that big a deal.

A blog is not the place to make complex arguments and quote r-squareds and p-values. A journal article is, and we start now. But if you do wish to talk about contact me via Twitter. Ervin too.

And finally to Ervin - a pleasure. You're a tough, cool, street fighter with plenty of brains and grit but empathy, just where it's needed. I knew that when we started this trip we might "have our moments" but we never did, only good ones. A pleasure.

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