Wednesday, November 23, 2011

High impact obtrusive advertising on iPad

When Ervin and myself did that work on ad obtrusiveness last year we found that interruption was about four times more effective than repetition, and we controlled for impact.

But impact matters, that's why we controlled for it. Look at what I just got as an interstitial (between content pages) on the Advertiser iPad app.

Brilliant design.

Legend in flexographic printing, Frank van Ekeren (at Cryovac Sealed Air) knew how important it as to work with the limitations of your medium. With flexo the medium was effectively high speed rubber stamps on plastic and the design needed to be bold with big blocks of colour and simple messages. With these interstitials you're dealing with that 0.25 seconds before the reader swipes it, and are similarly constrained.

The use of black, the low prominence of the brand, the hook, the incomplete logic of the message. It got a few more seconds out of me. Not a clickthrough but it's a numbers game. Maybe somebody else now, maybe me on the next, or the next, viewing.

And on another point. A "swipe back" function is probably handy for these things. The number of times I've swiped the ad off, then gone to go back but it's disappeared. What?

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