Saturday, May 12, 2012

Right of reply: On Brand SA

I spoke to Callie Watson last Thursday and appeared in the Advertiser and Herald Sun

These things are all a bit of a roll of the dice. After a fifteen minute conversation, one wonders which sentences will get into the paper. They didn't do too badly:

University of Adelaide marketing lecturer Dr Cullen Habel agreed Adelaide as a brand, rather than South Australia, had potential, but said ignoring one or the other was foolhardy.

"I remember the Sensational Adelaide that used to be around with the Grand Prix tag line, that painted a great picture in people's mind," he said.

"But people are concerned that there's this view that SA stops at Gepps Cross ... and these concerns are valid."

Dr Habel suggested slogans such as "Adelaide and beyond", "Adelaide and more" or "Adelaide is just the beginning" because they "hint at more".

And I had a few other things that didn't make it to the paper.

"South Australia" is handy if people aren't already thinking "Australia". When overseas I introduce myself as from "Adelaide, South Australia" and it's never a problem. Apparently it was at the g'day USA where the confusion arose. So the Premier was hoping for a little higher level knowledge.

Dr Romaniuk from UniSA was exactly right in saying a strong tourism campaign is the key. I'd said to Callie that we already have high salience events here and that we can possibly trade on that - create a link to things they might already know about Australia. Whilst the "Adelaide and beyond" idea is what got to press, it was cut down from more. It was a little more like:

"You know the fabulous Tour Down Under, The Adelaide Festival and Fringe - well they all happen in and around a place called Adelaide, in the State of South Australia. Along with
X% of the great Australian wineries in our state, with Penfolds Grange made just on a hill overlooking the city."

On reflection, Callie did a neat job drawing my nebulous thoughts into something useful.

It's such a broad brief, with so many stakeholders and possible audiences. And with a home audience that's very demanding.

As with the beer that's pouring heady at a keg party, everybody has an opinion on what's wrong. But one person has to solve the problem. So I don't think I'll be second guessing the consultant who accepts that particular job.

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