Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Having a university degree is NOT grossly overrated

I went along to this debate and had a fairly clear idea of what I thought, going in.

I've seen way too many smoke and mirrors at play in academia to be too enamoured with much about it. So the "disaffected me" was leaning towards the affirmative, going in to watch the debate.

And some great speakers; I'm a fan of Annabel Crabb, have always like Lynn Arnold and in retrospect really respect Amanda Vanstone. And there were some cracking speeches.

So I was really prepared to agree that having a university degree is grossly overrated. But two things changed my mind:
  • I remember how the education I have is something that nobody can take away from me. It has changed me, and opened up new vistas. And that includes those two degrees. It's pretty hard to overstate the value of that.
  • Amanda Vanstone noted that the people who say degrees don't matter tend to have one, and have benefited from it in some way. Like the people who say money isn't important tend not to have many money troubles, really.

But the high point

Like a groupie I made sure I got to shake the hand of the amazing Annabel Crabb, gushed something about being one of her 60,000 followers and a fan. Leaving, thinking that the only thing to make the night better was to meet Amanda Vanstone, I met the great lady as she was crossing King William Street. We exchanged stories about The Avenues shopping centre.

So perhaps I took the long way, but came to disagree with the proposal that "Having a university degree is grossly overrated". The audience largely agreed.

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