Thursday, November 29, 2012

A service "moment of truth" can't compensate for poor core service

Virgin Mobile have fantastic "frontstage" service. I always get helpful, efficient people on the phone.

Never mind that they were given a bad faultfinding guide - that the wrong "xxx proxy" was wiping the APN settings I was trying to load, or even that the network had mysteriously failed to give them to my phone. When their tech support called an hour later - still confused - I'd solved it myself.

Today when the phone stopped sending SMS they wheeled me through the same faultfinding protocol and then asked me to jockey the SIM card into another phone. As I'd said to the lovely lady yesterday:

"if I get down to swapping sim cards, the swap I make will be to swap a card in that works and cancel my account with you."

So after doing what they call "the isolation test" (sim swap) and finding that it was the service and not the phone I called their techs, told them that was the case and spoke to the sales guys. They can 'escalate' the query all they like but I think they'll be too late.

What a shame for Virgin. My contract expires on Dec 17. I'm already planning my new prepaid carrier. I'd paid cash for a new phone a month ago - how do you think I got from Apple to HTC?  Sorry Virgin, your frontstage service people got let down by crappy product.

Your only hope now is "Service Recovery". Good luck with that. Over the weekend I'll be considering my options.

As it happens I found a monthly contract on a carrier that will cost me $19. Given I just tried to send a text to my wife just then "I hope the funeral goes ok for you" and it failed, it's now personal.

I think my love affair with Virgin Mobile has come to an end. No matter how nice they are to me.

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