Saturday, April 13, 2013

When being balanced risks every post becoming an inkblot test

In much of my posting, I desperately try for balance. Not simply balance in the things I say, but balance in my thinking. Truly exploring the things around me. The risk, then, is when people can view what you're doing through their own lens, and think you're making their point.

This makes my blog a little like an inkblot test.

For instance I see this third of the ten as two people in tuxedos, at a baptismal font with love between them, and a human gastrointestinal tract hanging over each of their heads. Go figure. I'm normally way more dark on the inside.

And similarly, sometimes I get responses that are entirely unrelated to what was going on in my mind when I wrote the post. UPDATE Sep 6, 2016: I have also found that when people wish to write their own story about whether Cullen is a bad guy or a good guy they end up giving away far too much about themselves.

Perhaps there are worse things to be than a human Rorschach Test. In face to face interactions it seems to provide a great complement to my reasonably well tuned bullshit detector.

Note to self: "Cullen, hit the button less often!"

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