Saturday, October 26, 2013

Confidence - real confidence - is rare

I'm missing a friend's 40th birthday today. My own stupid fault. I don't have to mention her personally here, she'll know who I'm talking about.

It gives me the chance to think how much I love to see real confidence - and how rarely I do. And it gives me the chance to feed this blog. Never hurts.

I don't think this friend of mine is always right - and I'm sure it's mutual. But plenty, plenty of common ground. She truly is a cool chick because she knows what she believes, says what she believes needs to be said and having said it, is happy. "I can only put it there". She's not on a mission to change people to her way, unless it's part of a job she's been given etc.

She's a vegetarian. Has been for all the time I've known her. She cooks meat for other people when she cooks, it's just not her thing. I've seen a different, younger, cool vegetarian chick do a similar thing recently. When quizzed that this may be a little odd, my friend has retorted:

"What? I don't eat meat. That doesn't define me. I can be a vegeratian but go out an kill a cow just for fun if I want. What business is it of yours?"

I contrast that to two instances where I've dined at vegetarian people's places before where the choice of fare was never in question. As if bending others to their own will was a validation of their choices.

There are a lot of people I'm proud to know, and this one has shown me the meaning of true confidence. Thanks Katie.

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