Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ramadan: I respect that

Going without. It has a sort of nobility about it. Christian Lent had something to do with Jesus spending 40 days in the desert - didn't it? I'm sorry that I don't know the roots of Ramadan but the holy month involves fasting from sunup to sundown.

I must say that my most valuable reflections came when I was physically deprived; walking Kokoda, on a Skydive instructor bootcamp, on a skydive record, walkibg Kokoda. I seriously worked some shit out. Sure, my challenges are first world problems but that's all I've got..

My friend in a work situation will start talking about what annoys her and then interrupt herself - "I'm fasting, I'd rather not talk about that any more". My friend is reminded to aim to be pure, and a little physical deprivation is a small help to that.

I have had some muslim friends say "yes I'll see that person tonight at the breaking of the fast". And eid, at the end of Ramadan, is huge.

Yeh. I respect this stuff. I love to see people who believe in stuff do what they believe in.

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