Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vacuum pac facts

I love a fighting brand. I like Pureland Tofu. But I'm getting frustrated by their packs gassing up before their expiry date. Sure, I just flipped it last time, at the local supermarket, but when i buy a product that says use by October 10 and it's showing degradation by Aug 1, it's an inconvenience.

Yep, a pack that is gassing does not mean it's dangerous. But it is suboptimal.

But time for an information opportunity. If you buy anything that is vacuum packed, you can take it back for an exchange as soon as it has anything inside it that looks like air. Cos that's not how it's meant to be.

The rate I'm going, I might have a piece of tofu in the fridge in 2025; every time I've decided "let's go" the pack has gassed up, with two month to run.

No biggie, but for the manufacturers they could put a shorter shelf life on it or get a better estimate of their shelf life. And, for the record, my temperature control was fine.

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