Monday, October 26, 2015

Kids, Bless 'em: Complaining to my bosses rather than me.

Twice in the past few months I've had this. Somebody has something to bring up with me - a "problem with Cullen" perhaps.

I'd asked them:

"I'm under pressure here and might not be hitting my marks as well as you like. If we get into that place I need you to be onto me quickly so that I can fix it. Is that OK?" 

And rather than bring it up with me, a boss gets the complaints and then the boss brings it up with me. It's strange - for sure I can be cranky but in both cases I had signaled that we needed to work together as a team on this, and that they were my front line.

I have to just put it down to immaturity. I seem to recall when I first entered the spiders web of business with email, a few of my noob moves was to blanket email everyone who might be interested when I had a problem with one of my counterparts. Somewhere along the track I learnt that teamwork trumps grandstanding - or at least it's the "me I want to be".

Bless 'em, perhaps in 20 years they'll reflect on these days in the same way as I am now. Or not.

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