Friday, November 27, 2015

Service quality is often about managing your worst customers.

Often, as a customer, I feel for the service staff who are trying to deliver a quality product.

When I have a choice of lines to join  - such as at a supermarket - sure, the first thing I look at is "how fast is the checkout person working". But pretty quickly i look at the people who make up the line.

Does that person look like the type who will dither with credit cards, get confuaed about prices or try to pay their $30 bill in silver coins?

In the academic literature it's referred to a "co-creation" where the consumer is an imporant part of the quality of the final product.

So for an airline - for instance - you're only as good as your least inconsiderate customer.

Wouldn't it be great to have separate lines for customers who have their stuff working, and the ditherers? Just my luck I'd be in the wrong line when i have a dithering day.

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