Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Content marketing: Where you earn your TARPs

Marketing Communications and more specifically advertising is about getting your message in front of a whole bunch of people. Sometimes you want that whole bunch of people to be very broad for a product with a very broad possible usage. Other times you may wish to target your advertising message.

So for a little jargon a TARP is industry talk for Target Audience Rating Point. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it but let's just say that the more ad money you spend the greater the number of TARPs that you get.

The old fashioned way to get TARPs is simply to buy them. Find a media company who's running a TV show that people like, fronting a radio program or running a newspaper or magazine. Pay them some money to show your ad, and there are your target audience rating points. If you have good ad creative then perhaps people will remember your message, remember your brand, investigate your brand more, perhaps even by your products.

But isn't social media cool? Everybody has the opportunity to create content. So why pay money to a media company to contact your audience? Especially if your audience is notoriously hard to contact.
Imagine you are trying to sell slackline or rock climbing equipment. Buying an expensive thirty second slot on "Big Bang Theory" will surely catch a number of your possible buyers but there will be a lot of wasted views.

Why not build a rocking piece of content? A YouTube video that everybody wants to watch? As with this bunch of guys who clearly are interested in selling wingsuits, base rigs, BASE jump training courses, Red Bull and GoPro. This vid has had two million views and mostly it would be reaching the correct bunch of people.

Content marketing - it's a thing.

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