Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm not making a statement. I just made a choice.

35 years of trying to win jobs and 49 years of trying to get along with people have taught me the things I'm good at and the things I'm not.

In response to the boring interview question "tell us your greatest strength and your greatest weakness" I have a new prepared answer:

My greatest strength and my greatest weakness are the same thing. I just simply do not have a poker face when it comes to me dealing with people.

I am painfully effusive when I hold someone in high regard so much so that I seem to be crawling. But also, if I don't respect what I see I find that hard to hide.

The greatest apparent insult seems to come when I have previously thought somebody was good but then recognise that they're not really that good.

I assure you if I go missing or start challenging you it's not personal - it's just that I can't hide what I'm thinking. I have found that the greatest existential pain I've ever felt is where I'm not being true to myself.

I have at least a half a dozen people right at the moment who are saying "Cullen went from nice guy to asshole in a split second."

Sorry about that. But the truth is I always was just an arsehole.

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