Friday, May 20, 2016

A cinnamon bun shop: great idea but not for Australia

It's lucky for me that I am leaving the USA right now. If left with these Temptations for too much longer I would be 120 kilograms. And as I buy my cinnamon buns for breakfast I love this shop. But a cinnamon roll breakfast Shoppe probably would not roll so to speak in Australia.

The US has a population that preferred to buy rather than make, it likes donuts for breakfast and it loves cinnamon. So as a potential startup business one needs to consider not just if it's a great idea but will the idea travel?

Is there what we call "category demand" for the product before we begin to try to win market share? and how do you define "category"? It's one of those marketing "red wine conversations" I refer to so frequently.

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