Thursday, May 19, 2016

Motel 6: A good brand story

Americans love a road trip. And to support that there has emerged a very strong motel industry over the last 50 years. But some of these properties are getting old.

On my road trip I have been booking hotel rooms at the drop of a hat thanks to the internet and
I've stayed in some shady places and I've stayed in some good value ones. I have pretty much decided to choosing Motel 6 because they are everywhere and I can have some assurance that things will be okay.

That's branding. A promise that you will get some level of quality. No wonder Ocean Breeze Inn came into the Motel 6 family. They haven't even got around to replacing their signage yet. But I still got what I expected; a great value bundle.

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  1. If you hadn't, you should have really given AirBnB a try too. I've always found booking entire homes/apartments from there good value.