Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sneering simply drives your opponent towards Donald Trump

I was disappointed to hear a story of someone I considered to be reasonably intelligent the other day.

This person got into a social media slanging match over politics - nothing particularly surprising about that however this friend of mine reverted to the line of "the 1800s have called and they want their argument back".

In the first instance I'm disappointed because of its lack of creativity but more importantly it was a barefaced  attempt to simply shut down discussion. Clearly my friend's opponent was espousing conservative views - which was apparent heresy to my friend - but instead of engagement (or even disengagement) my friend chose a sneering slapdown attempt.

Such is the problem with SIWOTI - "somebody is wrong on the internet". 

These "humiliate your opponent" tactics have given the opportunity for the resurrection of Pauline Hanson as well as the emergence of Clive Palmer and Donald Trump. Their like is growing in number and people such as my friend are almost pushing them in Hanson, Palmer and Trump's direction.

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