Sunday, July 24, 2016

Rich beyond measure and in the blink of an eye..

In the blink of an eye I could be as poor as trash tomorrow.

For four years now I have not had a regular job. The people I used to work for decided to hire somebody else when my contract ended but they still wanted me to keep doing the work on a short-term basis.

For four years that has worked really well. But I get nervous in the middle of each year because next year holds no promises and this year is coming to an end. If you don't smile, you die. Sometimes you just die smiling.

But if it was all to end tomorrow I must say I feel rich beyond measure. I have just spent a week with 80% of my family here in Singapore and we have had fun.

Working on this basis has allowed me to stay close to all types of students. MBA students in the city of Adelaide and Singapore. Masters students in Adelaide and other students who have just begun to feel the burn for academic research. Last year I got to work with some stunning undergraduate students; true salt of the earth who really want to get along in life. That makes me feel rich.

I am rich because I get to work with a few academic (and management) staff who think clearly, know how to work with other people, and care.

And because I haven't had to punch a timecard for the last four years I have been able to pursue my great passion of skydiving and associate with people whose qualities dwarf most others. That makes me feel rich.

Two years ago my mum died and left me some "screw you" money. God bless her.

I may have been saying "screw you" a little too much. And I might have also been saying "yessireee" too much as well. In both cases I might have frayed a few business friendships.

But as my lovely wife says:

"It's all doom and gloom about now and it never goes as bad as you imagine"

Clever, my wife.

So, if I'm reaching out later on this year, and asking you for a job then please give me a hand. It will be one of the few times in over 26 years that my wife's confidence in me was a little unfounded.

And the adventure continues....

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