Monday, August 22, 2016

Early sign of a good manager: Taking a smaller office

Sure, in the case of new ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie it may be clever tokenism but nevertheless it's a good sign:

It’s been widely reported that Guthrie is moving out of her predecessor Mark Scott’s giant office on floor 14 at Sydney’s Ultimo. It is easily bigger than any space occupied by chief executives at the commercial end of the industry. That includes the giant office overlooking the Nine helipad that was once home to the Sam ChisholmDavid Leckie and office squatter David Haslingden and his right-hand pooch Tido.

The very worst manager I've ever seen saw it as the first thing on her list to get the best office in the department, with similar behaviours shown by the third and fourth worst.

What’s less well known is where Guthrie will pitch up next. Guthrie is moving to level seven to be closer to the shop floor. This floor connects the two main buildings at the ABC. This means Guthrie will be more accessible to staff as well as the marketing department. The office will also be in proximity to the canteen.

I like the sound of this ex-Google senior manager. he ABC is great, but I don't think it was very well managed by Mark Scott.

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