Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Which of these images is the most offensive to you?

Just wondering..

And from a NT teacher who wishes to remain anonymous:

"Now about Bill Leak’s cartoon last week. He nailed it. He absolutely nailed it. I thought, “Wow, someone is actually telling it how it is!” And it did not just mention bad parents, but also those aborigines who want to make things better for kids, too. Many aborigines, often older women in my experience, have the same attitude as the policeman in Leak’s cartoon.
Is it racist? No. The Left say it is because it portrays aborigines in a bad light, and thus is more like a simple insult. But there is a difference between insulting a person, and telling that person a harsh truth. The former is saying something unkind simply in order to upset another person because you don’t like that person. For example, racist scribbles on toilet walls. The latter is a form of compassion – it’s not called tough ‘love’ for nothing. Bill Leak’s cartoon is surely the latter. Do you honestly think the cartoon demonstrates that Bill Leak hates aborigines? Really? It’s not in the same class as some toilet wall screed."

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