Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An exercise in critical literacy

I got into a minor disagreement with somebody a little while ago about cooking pasta. They told me that the pot I had chosen was too large. I knew from somewhere back in my memory banks that it was important to cook pasta in a large pot but couldn't be bothered with the conversation.

This morning I had a few brain cells to spare, and Googled it. The answer came pretty quickly. It's the top on one list of common mistakes to avoid when cooking pasta.

I love the way that answers are quickly at hand. The only job now is to triangulate it. When I Googled "good to cook pasta in a small pot" I could find no articles that said it was good to cook pasta in a small pot. They all gave every reason why copious amounts of water is important.

And there is my little self education lesson of the day. The kids who are in the future and not the ones who can remember stuff but ones you can find it but not be Hoodwinked.

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