Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stupid hurts as always

I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy. I have lost 4 kilos 5 kilos in preparation for a bigway event that I really want to do well at. We are two weeks away from the start date and I did some jumps 2 days ago. Complacency can be a killer and hopefully in this case it's just been a minor (painful) inconvenience.

I have been doing high performance canopy landings with 90 degree turns pretty well for about 100 jumps. Last Sunday I had a lot of things on my mind and neglected to concentrate on the most important thing at landing time.

Hello my old friend pain. Fast landing caught the ground too hard. I know exactly what the injuries are all up my left-hand side. I know I need at least the two weeks I have of quietness to be relatively pain free for our bigway event.

The incident report is in, and I have two weeks of self imposed exile (time in the naughty chair) to think about my actions and their consequences. Whenever you see my "stupid hurts" t-shirt you can be sure I'm talking about myself.

When this sport bites, it bites hard. And it's almost always our own fault.


  1. Please be careful....

    And good luck with your big jump.

    1. Thanks Paul I emerged from it quite OK and we went on to get an Australian record Bigway sequential. And I will be careful.