Thursday, December 1, 2016

Not having a plan can be a plan, too.

I've worked like a pig to have all my stuff together for this ten days. I have a week of coaching with the world's best bigway coach and I'm driving to Victoria - about eight hours. The gun fired this morning and I spent until 3pm clearing stuff up about the courses I'm running.

At 3pm I went into the office and touched base with a bunch of people face to face and a bunch more in a digital manner. Cleared a few buggy domestic issues and headed towards the DZ (one hour of the eight's driving) to pick up some more gear and tidy up my van.

Oh, and there's a ground training course on! It looks like I'll stay and jump tomorrow morning with students and leave for Nagambie about lunchtime.

I love the plan of not having a plan. It takes a lot of planning to get into that space.

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