Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Coopers: When you have friends at a party who don't get along

Tom Richardson just called me, and one can never be sure of how one's words will end up in the press. So in advance of InDaily I probably need to say what I think about Coopers and a recent video that the bible society put together.

The video had two Liberal MPs politely discussing Same Sex Marriage, one being for and one against, drinking light beer and the message being "keep it light".

The intent of the message (that we can disagree but remain friends) never resonated - the video was seen as Coopers taking sides in the debate. Unfortunately.

As soon as Coopers was seen as taking a side they were in trouble. Just as when you have friends at a party who don't get along, nothing good can come from taking a side.

For a consumer goods company, it rarely makes sense to enhance your appeal to segment A by grossly offending segment B. Recall the lamb ad, where the SWAT team burst into a vegan's house and destroyed his Kale dinner. The upside of a giggle from the meat eaters was not worth the pain of hurting the feelings of the vegetarians.

I repeat that I don't think Coopers was taking a side on the SSM debate but in consumer goods, a breadth of appeal is very important. And it's what people think you're doing that matters.

UPDATE: InDaily were almost true to my thoughts.

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