Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The difference between inconsiderate and plain rude

If I had a choice I would choose to be rude before inconsiderate anytime.

A person who dawdles in a narrow hallway, one who stands vaguely at the buffet with 20 people behind them, or does a balance check three withdrawals and four PIN tries at an ATM. Inconsiderate. Just living life in their own bubble with no awareness (or concern) that others are trying to go about their own life as well.

And, when I loudly proclaim "coming through" or "let's go - serve up and move on", or "there are six people waiting to use this ATM can you please finish up?" I'm being rude.

There's a certain rudeness that comes from knowing what you're on about, and a different rudeness that comes when you're clueless.

The second is mostly regarded as benign - "they're harmless" - but I feel that inconsiderate people are way worse than the rude ones.

But that's probably just because I'm the cringemaster. Thanks - kids - for the title.

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