Thursday, March 9, 2017

What if tomorrow is cancer?

I have known more than a few people who have had their employment terminated abruptly - like "pack your shit up and get out of here". I've also known others who through incident or illness have had their lives cut tragically short - like "three weeks from now you won't be alive". I've fist pumped people in the last 20 minutes of their life, with no idea they were.

The one thing that all those people shared - without exception - was a total certainty that this was just another day. That life as it was for them was going to continue without any interruption.

If they knew it was all to end so soon I wonder what they would have done more of? Walk the dog a little more, kick the footy with the kids, had sex that few extra times - a few more skydives?

If you knew that tomorrow was a cancer diagnosis then what would you do today? And why not do it while you still have your health and your life?

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