Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life is not a box of chocolates

It was early in my relationship with my wife that I came to learn the number of Tim Tam chocolate biscuits there are in a pack. Eleven. Cynically I believe that prime number was chosen so that there is no chance of being able to share the pack evenly amongst any number of people.

And the sharing of a pack was what brought me to understand how my wife and myself were different at a fundamental level. Sylvia believed it was "5 for me and 5 for you and one to share".

I had growin up in a situation of "the person who eats the fastest gets the most".

And that probably outlines my approach to life right now. Life is not a box of chocolates - it's a pack of Tim Tams, and the more I can take right now the more I will get. The future will take care of itself.

The weather is good and I'm headed out to Langhorne Creek to do some more skydives. There are about a dozen people who believe I should be doing something else - something that more directly benefits them.

But I'm here to eat my pack of Tim Tams, not so much to provide chocolate biscuits for everybody who demands them of me.

But my greatest pleasure is doing things for other people where I feel like I had a choice in the matter. Sharing my pack of Tim Tams.

Life sure is a pack of Tim Tams.

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