Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Legacies of Mum

Perhaps this is what grief is.

The tangible things that link you to the one you've lost just tend to become fewer and fewer.
Clearly my mum was a tight arse like I am. And she clearly liked sweet things like I do. So her McDonald's spoons from the sundaes she must have eaten were just bound up with a rubber band.
I tucked them away somewhere when I cleared her house.

A while back Sylvia asked me if I have any spoons of any sort that I can just put in the kitchen drawer for kids to take  to school with yoghurt.

Soon those spoons will all be used up and that is how things go. One more tangible memory of Mum is gone and life goes on.

I love her and I miss her, but if she was still around I'm sure I would still be an asshole to her. But I am so glad for the people in my life who love her too.

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