Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Me and Jesus

Strange conversation the other day where I had mentioned that I thought Jesus was a pretty cool guy. The person I was speaking to said "but he's not real are you kidding me?".

I wasn't particularly offended just surprised at how hamfisted this person was about a topic that's normally quite close to people's hearts. But I think that is why this person has troubles with just about everybody that she deals with.

Anyhoo the discussion did cause me to wonder how much are really matters whether Jesus really existed or not. For sure I think Jesus existed and I'm happy for people to say that it's an open question about whether he really is the son of God.

I finished saying to this person that even if he didn't exist it's still a great story and it's still a great set of virtues. I can also watch a movie and think that John McLane is a cool guy.

So that's that.

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