Monday, January 1, 2001

Challenge me - my beloved anarchic students

No I didn't start the blog in 2001. Some bug has copied a July 2011 post with this 2001 timestamp. I've left it here, mostly due to nostalgia. Wow, Jan 2001 - what an innocent time for me. I had a four year old son, was skydiving weekly (weakly) and was just engineering my transition from the world of Cryovac to the world of academia. Oh well, the post:

This is partly a way of my storing this excellent article "the educational value of creative disobedience":

"google panda" hates the copying of large chunks of text, but from the above I will include:

“The principle goal of education is to create [men] who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done - [men] who are creative, inventive and discoverers” –Jean Piaget

So I love it when my students challenge what I say. Sheesh - what makes me any better (inherently) than a fresh - dare I say intellectually aggressive - new student. I've been around it longer, I've paid attention to both sides of every argument but am I the oracle? No. I haven't got the energy to keep up that front.

But that's not an invitation to an uninformed challenge. A cry of "how can you give me a credit - I'm a distinction student" is often met with a calm "apparently not in this course, according to what you've put in." That said, the MRIII exams I'm currently marking are very impressive on the whole.

I will be doing Consumer Behaviour with 250 fresh "ish" second year students this semester, and brand management with 75 mostly third years. I hope I will always have the energy to treat your challenges with respect. If I'm offhanded, it will be either because what you said really wasn't that clever, or that I'm a little frazzled at that moment. In both cases I will probably humbly apologise.

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