Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raw statistics orange flag

Women earn 18% less than men. Fact.
Women live 5% longer than men. 83.6yrs compared to 78.9. Fact.

These are statistics. And I needn't repeat the old saw about three types of lies.

I suggest we beware when a person quotes raw, stark numbers at you. They likely have something to hide or at very least are pressing an agenda.

Now is not the place to discuss the intricacies of the above two statements however two other facts about me might shed some light on how useful they might be:

I work in academia
I'm not an aboriginal male

So I can assure you, every female I work alongside is paid better than me and I'm likely to live longer than my allocated 78.9 years - if I get my shit together.

So let's beware the quoters of statistics. We might use it as an orange flag for a disingenuous argument.

(and on the topic of disingenuous, my use of the word "alongside" above could be used to segue into chapter 2 - home ground advantage in making the verbal argument. Forever the critic, even of myself)

The (very good) tweet that points to the (very good) article that cleanly addresses the base topic:

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