Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dr Steve Goodman at Primary Industries Victoria Wine Day

My colleague, Steve, is presenting / facilitating for a couple of days at Primary Industries Victoria. He's speaking to his nationally funded grant that explores drivers of wine choice in export markets and will also cover new media, just a little. I'll roll out a few slides throughout the day.

So, an early picture (probably GFC driven) is one of consumers who spend less in their wine are not unhappy with that choice. Chances are the quality drop has been a little less drastic due to downward pressure on the price per bottle - don't we all feel that?

A few slides in reverse order:



Friday, November 19, 2010

The Great South Australian Wine Adventure is Launched!

I'm on a fairly exclusive (they say) list of social media people that are off on the mystery tour, starting this afternoon at 2.30pm:

So we'll see where it all goes but you can keep an eye out for my Tweets, FB and Foursquare updates. Qwoffboys and Sa Tourism are doing a great job, and I'll be interested in some of the data that will flow out of this. I think we start in the Adelaide Hills.