Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nice to be an adult at Christmas time: reposted and redacted from last Christmas

Christmas day, 6am, waiting for the kids to come and accost us. A brief moment for me to reflect on how good it is to be a dad.

I love it, it has become my destiny. A friend of mine with a one year old keeps reflecting how much more complex his life has become. Yep, welcome to the club. it's a great club. For me it has been my chance to grow up and add value to my life. "the living and the dead, the traffic in your bed. Count it all out now, what do you see? The money that you owe, the love you didn't show. Somewhere tonight, they're counting on me."

It is my job to not make the world a worse place by bringing my three in. The world is counting on me for that, as are my kids. It was my choice to have them, and it was a promise, of sorts. One I am most happy to keep. I don't agree with somebody who once told me that having kids is all about ego, but they do make me feel a hundred foot tall. And having them helps my Christmas to be fun. Praise baby Jesus, a kid who grew up to be a great guy. I think I hear some noises coming from the front room. Better start moving...

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