Sunday, March 20, 2011

Close to the customer - a good place to be

I might be wrong, but in the rough and tumble of business life I feel there are a few good places to be. One of them is as the truly dispassionate, prudent manager of the accounts. I've seen this when customers of mine have appointed an administrator - the stickler for process with obviously no self interest is a very good place to be.

Another important place to be is close to the customer. The customer is the source of cash flow inwards. Nobody needs to turn up to work if we're not selling anything.

So when I work in education I like to be close to the students, in market research the clients, and many other times the public. I understand the idea of "internal customers" and it might have some merit if it's not your job to be directly in contact with the customer. But then I've always gravitated to the jobs that DO keep me close to the customer.

On a different but related point. A long time ago somebody in the University sector had noted how important the external activities really were, and they also bring the greatest return for the employer too. I suppose at a stretch that could include students.

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