Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Ads in New Media

I'm trying to work up a research question with an honours student. We're interested in new media, we're interested in marketing communications.

We're thinking of checking out how well advertising works in the domain of new media. We want it to be a straightforward study - measure ad effectiveness when delivered through a range of different media.

Now I know the premise is a little wrong; Facebook and Twitter are about engagement and relationship and braodcast (or print) media is about - well - broadcast, but bear with me.

Far from being a chance to say that "social media doesn't work" the angle is more like "don't use old ads in new media". And just because WE THINK it's all wrong doesn't mean it's been measured and established. Still, that's what my student's literature review is about.

So I have a lot of clever people that I connect with on Twitter, which is what drove most of the traffic here. Feel free to comment, or privately at because I'm really interested.

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