Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Six new clients through this blog and some twitter

We have six clients this year for our 120 students running their market research projects. And it' working well. I'd like to not trumpet them too loudly at the moment (there'll be a lot of work going on soon) but they're great partners and it working well. I have one who's happy to be pretty public at the moment and whose research won't be compromised:

Students are in their Week 3 client meetings this week, and will prepare their research proposal soon. From there it won't be too long and they'll be collecting data.

And what's been good is that most of thee contacts have been made and built through this blog and twitter. It's great to to good work with good businesses and when all the research is in, I'll be thanking them very publicly.

But for now you know who you are, and thanks..


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