Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beef at $250/kg in the supermarket

Further to my earlier little rant about the beef business, I was delighted to see super-premium beef in a supermarket here in Singapore, priced by the 100g.

The prices aren't showing that well but I can assure you they net out to over $200/kg.

In fact the sticker prices I see are more what I am used to paying for a kg of beef, $28, $35.

But it is super premium. Some of that $400 meat is pure white from high quality marbling.

What I'm interested in is how the make the displays work. There must be about four kilos of meat out there and the stuff only works on display for about two days, then loses colour. They're either selling heaps, throwing a lot out or doing some fancy packaging.

I'll have another look but the display is either fake, frozen or high oxygen controlled atmosphere. That last one is unlikely - it would only give about six days shelf life.


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