Friday, November 11, 2011

"follow him anywhere" - what a boss

I spoke of leadership in this post about the floods and the fires and my thoughts go back to the meat game. I recall being savaged by a senior manager of a meat plant because our company had let them down over the crucial Christmas period, and I hadn't helped matters. I had thought "this guy must be an a*hole to work for" and allowed myself some solace in that.

Six months later I was having dinner with this guy's production managers - guys I respected - and I heard "I'd follow ***** anywhere - he's the best boss I've ever had" from more than one.

The manager had been acting as a corporate samurai, no fear or favour and no baggage as regards me. We developed a good relationship over the next seven years and I'm proud to know him. I've never forgotten that realisation - the boss was a legend because everybody else was saying so, not because he was spending all his time telling people how good he was. And the only way he had that happen was because he earnt it.

A neat little blog I just saw "Hey, Leader – Turn Around! Is Anyone Following You?"

If nobody is following you, you're not really a leader, you're just a person out taking a walk.

If you are leading others and you’re lonely, then you’re not doing it right.  Think about it. If you’re all alone, that means nobody is following you.  And if nobody is following you, then you’re not really leading. ~John Maxwell

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