Saturday, November 12, 2011

Low stress revision for my students

My students in Management of Brands and Consumer Behaviour have their exams next week. One of the things I've told them they next to know about is this idea of double jeopardy in marketing.

If you want to chill, but still feel like you're studying, you could watch this video of Prof Sharp. The whole vid is good but if you're pressed for time you can zip straight to the nine minute mark.

And a little analogy that I heard Byron say (more or less) once:

"imagine a civil engineer had a passionate belief that they should build bridges out of cardboard. All the evidence has it that building bridges out of steel, or stone was a better idea, but this engineer was locked into the idea of cardboard. Would we think of that engineer as being good at their job"

Yet in poo-pooing the laws of marketing because they're just too inconvenient (ie buyers buy your brand amongst a bunch of others) many marketers and marketing academics are covering their ears la-la-la-la-la.

Like an engineer, passionate about building a bridge out of cardboard.

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