Saturday, November 5, 2011

Perhaps one day an expat in Singapore

The future is an uncertain place and to mitigate that, you can make the most of what you've had so far. I recall in the years leading up to October 13, 2006, I had been on a plane to Singapore or Hong Kong once every three weeks. I had become so familiar with HK that I had a bicycle there, stored at the hotel and I would ride around the city. I rode out to Kowloon Tong, to Mongkok, Temple street. I once rode to the train terminal, met the taxi driver there with my bags and then checked my bike back to Adelaide. I certainly made the most of that era, and it ended abruptly. No regrets. In a final acknowledgement I just changed my remaining $80HK and used it here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this having been to Singapore, off and on, for the last few years. I've enjoyed it so much that I might one day come and live in Singapore as an expatriate for a few years - teaching for a Uni or a poly, or working for a market research company.

I have learnt that there are two Singapores, the "Paragon Singapore":

And the "Lucky Plaza" Singapore:

And that I'm way more comfortable in the second one:

Simply can't afford to live in the other one, unless someone else is paying. And of course the extreme version of the low cost Singapore, the Hotel 81 Dickson in Little India, which almost feels like a spiritual home.

And one last reflection. They're always building. It turns out that this view of UE Square will have another hotel in front of it, if I get back.

The old blue building at the front is getting knocked down, the white building is temporary workers accom and it seems all that green will be building footprint.

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