Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Relaxer: Peter Garrett in his other (and better) guise

Burdened with the responsibility of actually doing stuff, ideologues will often find themselves choking on words they said 25 years earlier.

Given, Peter Garrett's semantic gymnastics have been some of the best ever, but let's spare a thought for when the angst of youth and the simplicity of raging against the machine allowed for classics such as this:

I expect that in 25 years, as some of the "occupiers" grind their way through an adequate life and a few enjoy the spoils of the machine, we might see similar amusing things.

I recall John Schumann (of angry young 70s band Redgum) on the radio a few years ago acknowledging that his "no overseas trade" position back then would have thwarted Australia, the Redgum were probably "on the worng side of the argument".

Disclosure - I was fully on board with Redgum and Midnight Oil in those heady days of the early 1980s. An angry, isolationist seventeen year old. I amuse myself, just as much.

UPDATE: the word "nihilist"comes to mind, which I'd always considered to mean "competing through the destruction of everything - much as Tony Abbott is being accused of - but the Wiki entry defines it as a sort of "existential anchorlessness". Still about right.

But in trawling through the youtube I ran across this piece of brilliance, about asbestos miners, knowing that their job is not a long term plan, that the job is probably killing them and that the people who pay them don't care. I found it a powerful song in the day, and it echoes.

"Nothing's as precious as a hole in the ground."

And I take this to be the guy just accepting that he'll die, but that life will go on..

"If the sugar refining company won't come to my rescue
Who's gonna save me?
We've got nothing to fear -
In the end the rain comes down...
washes clean the streets of the blue sky town"

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