Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anti nuclear: Well spoken wrong

This is cringeworthy and almost looks like beating up on people who don't deserve it. But what makes it cringeworthy is how the scientists are respectful, and inquisitive and allowed the logic of the anti nuclear message to be spoken. I think there are possibly good arguments to be made against nuclear power, but I'd like to see them made. Leading a chant is a poor substitute.

An important transition from university activism often shows up in these young people tottering around like Bambi, putting on embarrassing performances as shown above. I see Sarah Hanson-Young do this from time to time, her Q&A performance was priceless.

There are many good people who emerge from this mindless activism to do very good things for the world. But as with Meg Lees pushing through a GST, they also get more sensible. And then they hit new walls and as with my much adored Janine Haynes (or less adored Don Chipp), Alex Downer or Lindsay Tanner, they just tire of it and leave.

here's one who seems to have made the transition well enough. Kate Ellis. She's my local member and I first heard her when she debated (was is Trisha Worth, Trish White?) on local ABC radio. She was a little fresh and struggled against Trish's age superiority play. But I think she has been head down and on with it since she got in - she does seem to keep getting better.

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