Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why do you blog?

"What do you get out of the blog?its not as though some boss will see it, and say 'I need him to work for me'"

When a student put that to me last Friday, it gave me pause for thought. There are a number of answers to that question.

The first and strongest reason involves a story. On Macca in the morning I heard a great interview with Harry Vanda, legendary Easybeat and driving force behind John Paul Young. When Macca asked Harry "what, you still write music?" Harry answered "every day - its a bit like something else, it's gotta come out".

I've always entertained dreams of doing the Philip Satchel or Carole Whitelock job, ABC talkback radio presenter. It's unlikely to happen, but writing a blog means not entirely giving up on that dream.

I'm also not convinced that the blog is a waste of energy. I do believe in the idea of a person's personal brand.

I like the idea that if somebody really is interested "who on earth is that Cullen guy" they can find out.

I have what I call the Habel paradox. I am deep down a gregarious person but person to person communication makes me really tired. I'm not too bad at it, but hold myself to high standards. And personal communication is always a means to an end with me - achieve a student learning outcome, get a particular job done, score a particular work point. It seems like shifting emotions mine and others - around like pieces on a chess board. don't find personal communication relaxing, but I love to connect. Blog and Twitter gives me that connection with some great people in an asynchronous manner. And that makes the personal interactions I do have, better.

But mostly if you love doing something, you should do as much of it as you like. Colleagues might, do, say "don't waste your time with that shit, write a journal article and submit that. One journal article is worth a thousand blog entries to your career".

Correct. Or perhaps not. We don't really know what my carrier is, or will be. But I will be writing those journal articles.

I blog. I don't really know why - see my confusion above. But I enjoy it.

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