Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dairy: I'll buy a manufacturer brand if possible

Ex MBA student and Dairy Board director Michael Ross once asked me if I bought supermarket or manufacturer brand milk and we had a long-ish discussion about it. The upshot was that if I got the chance to buy a manufacturer's brand - any brand - then I probably would. After the chat. And it came to me buying shred yesterday:

Mainland had their tasty shred on sale and while their kg price was a little higher than the supermarket label, it made sense to go with mainland. I'm under no delusions it's a better product, I've seen too many times where the manufacturer simply changes the rollstock from their own product to the supermarket brand.

But at least the Mainland brand gets some sales and maybe - just maybe - the dairy farmers get a tiny bit more money coming their way. Or at least the plants that buy their milk might stay in business.

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