Monday, December 26, 2011

Human spirit laid bare in Sydney to Hobart

I know nearly nothing about yachting. I know that Rachel Kennedy - somebody I like - used to do it. But his year the buildup to the Sydney to Hobart race is really exciting me. I've come to learn more as every boxing day they take off and brave the elements. And it's dangerous. In 1998 quite a few guys died as nature chose to play dirty. A little story from one of the competitors: "One of those sails weighs about 250kg, so it's a real job to get it up top and onto the mast. And you have to do it right because you can put guys' backs out and all sorts of things. But with a little bit of teamwork it gets done."

And I just heard that Jessica Watson in running Ella Bache after not being 18 for it last year (even though she solo circumnavigated the globe). A 20 year old female is one of the other skippers, leading her family. 3 female skippers, nine female navigators, 35% of the crew female - it's not just a bloke's thing.

And one of the teams is progressively scattering the ashes of ABC chopper pilot Gary Ticehurst in a gesture that brings tears to my eyes. That guy was apparently one of God's gifts to us and saved lives in 1998. And it makes me think of of people who've never played a team sport, trained for a fighting unit, done this type of thing. From experience I have found something missing in them. The idea that you will freely put your life in another person's hands, knowing that yours is in theirs. The idea that you will never give up on them - something sacred. So I am honored to see the human spirit laid bare in this race. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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