Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sachin, Kathy and the weight of expectation

The first I heard of him was when Don Bradman called him in for a meeting. In his later years Bradman wasn't taking many visitors. A life of service gave him that right, so he only saw the people he really wanted to. So he called in this Indian batsman, and I surmised that Sachin Tendulkar must be something special.

I think he is. At 38 he seems to facing a personal demon. Cracking his hundredth first class century. Peter Siddle took him out two days ago for 73. With a reasonable lead today, Australia might get chased down and if so, Tendulkar will have been a part of it.

But to Sachin's demons. I recall that Kathy Freeman's greatest feeling in winning the 400m at the Sydney 2000 Olympics was one of relief. The country had set such huge set of expectations around this beautiful girl and the weight really took its toll. FFS they had her lighting the Olympic flame in the opening ceremony.

I stood in a plane queue with Kathy Freeman and she seemed to just want to keep to herself. I left her alone, and fought all urge to "fan mob" her. I'm still proud to just have stood next to her.

But they never leave Sachin alone. So I'm getting a little tired of the pressure on him. As a competitive Aussie part of me would love to see him go through the whole tour, another four matches here, and go home without his century. But no, I think I'd like to see him get a century today although still not chase down our score. Highly improbable, but this is shaping up to be a great day of cricket. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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