Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Batteries not included" at Christmas time reminds me of a houseboat trip

A Facebook conversation about parents sneakily inserting batteries into a gift just gave me the chance to shamelessly show this family snap from around 1979. We were on a houseboat at Loxton, yes the "Habel's bend" on the river is where an ancestor set up his farm. Yes me the gangly 12 year old, with Kirrily and Chad.

But on that trip I'd been listening to local radio who were doing a "batteries not included" promotion. All week leading up to Christmas they had said "turn up to our studio on Boxing day morning and we'll give you free batteries."

Always up for a bargain we parked the boat in Renmark and turned up at the duly appointed time. It's where I learnt my first lesson in how businesses work, or don't.

We sat outside a locked door for a half hour then an announcer came to the door "what are you here for we haven't asked you to come in yet" and ensued a discussion with the weekday announcer "oh really, I've been saying all week to come in at 8am"

On reflection, a funny thing is the way that in those days the "batteries" product category was the sort that would run this sort of promotion.

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