Monday, December 26, 2011

Out of Contract for 2012

I don't know quite how to say this. But I won't be under contract to the University of Adelaide as of January 20 next year. It's not really my choice, but I'll make the most of it, as I can.

The barest facts: four years ago I was employed at Uni of Adelaide on a two year fixed term contract. Two years after that I was offered another two year contract. In November the contract was openly advertised - I interviewed but was unsuccessful.

And in the wash-up, the Business School has been very decent. I have taken an adjunct role and been scheduled enough contract teaching to keep putting food on the table. I will continue to work with some PhD students in some way. I think the students have a sense of relief about that. An office, computer, library card and enough work to pay some bills. A very workable business arrangement and I'm thankful.

But I like to be employed. I like to be on a team. So I can't really pretend that this is not a setback.

I've been teaching for a living for ten years now. The cycle is about due for a change. The ten years before that was sales, and the (almost) ten before that was tradesman in radio electronics manufacture. I have a few irons in the fire for 2012 but mostly, still considering. It might be time to start trading on some of my other abilities, beyond teaching and industry engagement.

This has been brewing for a while. Whenever sudden changes occur to me that I didn't choose for myself, my life substantially improves. But there is the interim period (such as now) where I am unsure as to the exact path to that improvement.

Whenever I've worked with students I've always (half) joked: "I'll be coming to you for a job one day". The lion and the mouse is real and in life, one rarely remains the mouse.

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